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August 04 2013

Where to Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 — Price list and Availability

July 06 2013

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Unlock iPhone 5

Unlock iPhone 5

April 28 2013

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(and hell fucking yes i used to be one)

  • try getting ready in the morning wearing only the underwear you look the best in (only buy underwear you feel the best in) or get ready naked. it’s like a scientifically proven fact that all boobs are amazing, and i’ve discovered there’s this weird victoria’s secret angel switch that gets flipped when you’re nude putting on makeup or brushing your hair. you just look like a fox.
  • don’t be scared to do things you’re really good at in front of people (they want to see) and don’t be scared to talk about how good you are at things (there is a difference between arrogance and confidence, and we’ve been told repeatedly that being proud of ourselves is cocky and unattractive: FUCK THAT, WE’RE JUST THE SHIT, WE CAN’T HELP IT)
  • in recent years i’ve discovered that i’m super hot. you also happen to be super hot. i think “super hot” is a combination of attractive, unique, and comfortable. it just took me a long time to learn how to make myself feel and look super hot, learn what you need to do to make yourself realize you’re super hot, and do that. (if you think i’m an idiot and i’m just telling your to put on tons of makeup, read the next bullet)
  • make yourself feel pretty. makeup is not a bad thing. no, you don’t need it. no, you don’t have to have it to be “super hot.” but the coolest thing about it is that it’s a useful tool for shaping your hotness into exactly what you’d like to show to the world, and that’s badass. it’s okay if you aren’t born looking the way you feel inside, cause you have the power to tweak. that also goes for your hair, your clothes, etc. for example, do you think your head looks like a penis when your hair is short? grow it out. do you absolutely love when your head looks like a penis? THEN FUCK YEAH KEEP IT THAT WAY
  • be honest as much as you possibly can. to yourself, be honest all the time. if you find you are having a really hard time telling certain people the truth, then maybe they are the wrong people for you. do you trust them? do they make you feel bad about yourself? NAH DUDE FUCK THAT
  • if you are uncomfortable, you are instantly not super hot. i don’t mean like if you are wearing shoes you love and they hurt your feet. i mean, if you’re shaving your legs every single fucking day and you hate it but you don’t want anyone to say anything. instead, you should only shave your legs so you can feel the pleasure of your smooth legs against the sheets. or because YOU like them shiny when you’re at the beach. only change yourself if to YOU, that is super hot.
  • masturbate all the time. that is all.
  • the only dude that deserves anyone as super hot as you, is a dude that knows he is super hot. and a dude that realizes you and fawns in the glorious light that is your super hotness.
  • don’t go to work if you have nightmares about it. quit and get a new job. you maybe probably aren’t going to love it (hey, maybe you WILL), because it’s work. but if it is affecting your well-being to the point of suffocation then quit. there are tons of shitty jobs that are less shitty than that one. 
  • you really need to have a catalog of things that you know make you feel better. you will come across these things slowly and randomly. but remember them, and practice them when you feel shitty. you’re going to feel shitty, so be stocked up on plenty of antidotes.
  • hurting yourself is so fucking not okay. i cut myself and all i got were these lousy scars. i starved myself and my pretty hair fell out and my brain was all fucked every time i ate anything for years. i tried to kill myself and had to stay in a mental hospital for the most miserable, depressing, loneliest week of my life. i drank myself into a stupor for a couple of months straight and all it did was hinder me learning how to actually help myself and solve my own mental issues. stop all that shit, and start figuring out how to love and how to feel better and how to be badass when you’re all alone and how to feel super hot.

this is the best thing I have ever read on here.

i love this so much i wanna cry. goosebumps


read and love yoselves


April 27 2013

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Saw this somewhere else and felt the need to post it cause no one else ever really tells you this stuff

My mom never really noticed. She noticed when she was breast feeding my little brother and blood started coming out instead of milk. 

My mom said she felt and saw a little lump in the shower. She was lucky enough she found it at stage 2

My mom had a mammogram. The radiologist thought the spots were just regular calcium deposits. 

Turns out it was triple negative breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nods. Mastectomy, radiation and chemo saved her life.

This could SAVE a life.

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Offered in New York City Friday - Saturday nights 12AM-4AM. If you or a friend need a safe ride, please call! Save this number and spread the word! What a wonderful organization

This sounds like a really great resource!

Because signal boost.

I recently read an interview with the founders of this organization, and it sounds like they are doing amazing work. They are trying to expand and serve more neighborhoods and offer extended hours, but their ability to do so hinges on donations and volunteers.  

6084 9862


This Explains Everything

I’m really proud of this one guys

Dishonored Meta: Corvo Attano Is Not Your Action-Game Protagonist


Or, Who The Hell Is Corvo Attano And Why Can’t I See His Face?

I’ve written a lot about Corvo, both in fic and in meta, but I’ve never fully articulated why I like him or why I write him the way I do. Corvo’s a deeply frustrating character. He’s really hard to get a bead on. He exists in this odd liminal space between a fully blank-slate character like the Dovahkiin and a fleshed-out one like Ezio Auditore or even Commander Shepard. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t have opinions; he’s passive. We don’t seem to know a lot about him.


The backstory and lore in Dishonored is an iceberg; it’s 90% under the surface, and you have to squint your eyes and use the Heart and dig a while to get to it. We actually know a ton about Corvo. And what we know is incredibly fascinating. I find Corvo so interesting precisely because he goes against all our preconceptions of what the protagonist of an action-heavy first-person videogame is supposed to be. He is kind, devoted, alone, confused, drifting, reticent, obedient, codependent, Type B, and a massive pile of understated pain and fail. His status as an ill-defined pseudo-blank-slate actually makes perfect sense for the story he’s in.

Corvo is an amazing character. He’s just very quiet about it.

Let me explain what we know, and what we can infer. I’m frontloading this essay with a lot of pure, hard evidence. Let’s begin with some broad points, shall we?

(Fair warning: this essay wound up being 4k words long. Grab a comfy chair)

Read More


I’m speechless, thank you for pointing all of this stuff out, it really put Corvo in a new light for me. <3

Dishonored meta: what players are in the dark


I’ve been chatting an awful lot with giabread about Dishonored, and she’s brought up the point that one of the reasons the fans are so miffed that the game passive-aggressively rewards you for nonviolence (after dangling all these shiny offensive powers in front of your nose) is the marketing. The gameplay trailer showed almost nothing but murder, after all, and there was even a trailer called ‘Creative Kills.’ Dishonored was pitched as more of a fast-paced action/assassination game, not as the Thief-inspired stealth-based one that it arguably actually is

And yes, I agree. And I agree that it’s deeply odd that the game pushes you so hard towards violence and then slaps you across the face for it with dialogue and betrayals and a nasty ending. And for most players it’s deeply frustrating. Hell, it frustrated me (I wanted to use the swarm of rats that was so lovingly showcased in the gameplay trailer, dammit).

But I believe that this is exactly the point that the game is trying to make.

Read More

Great read! And very true!

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“Run with me!”

John by Seki(x),Alpacalock by me:)

Nasu made a cute Alpacalock!!!! Thank you so much!!<33






ugh summer

look at my awful tan line



stop the maths jokes guys, cos they’re not funny

math is not my…division

lestrade was bound to find his way in here eventually

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One more job shouldn’t have mattered. I’d killed nobles before. You could float a whaling ship on the high-born blood I’ve spilled. Another noble steps in to replace the last one. All equally corrupt. Why should an Empress be different. But she was..


i tried to grab fog
but i mist

where can i download motivation

April 26 2013

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by Chuck Palahniuk 
8 Words You Should Avoid When Writing

As always, Orwell’s final rule applies: “Break any of these rules before saying anything barbarous.” There are instances where each of these words fills a valuable role. However, especially among inexperienced writers, these words are frequently molested and almost always gum up the works.

1. “Suddenly”

“Sudden” means quickly and without warning, but using the word “suddenly” both slows down the action and warns your reader. Do you know what’s more effective for creating the sense of the sudden? Just saying what happens.

I pay attention to every motion, every movement, my eyes locked on them.
Suddenly, The gun goes off.

When using “suddenly,” you communicate through the narrator that the action seemed sudden. By jumping directly into the action, you allow the reader to experience that suddenness first hand. “Suddenly” also suffers from being nondescript, failing to communicate the nature of the action itself; providing no sensory experience or concrete fact to hold on to. Just … suddenly.

Feel free to employ “suddenly” in situations where the suddenness is not apparent in the action itself. For example, in “Suddenly, I don’t hate you anymore,” the “suddenly” substantially changes the way we think about the shift in emotional calibration.

2. “Then”

Read More



cool characters breaking their composure (◡‿◡✿) 

detached characters being hurt (◕‿◕✿)

mean characters sobbing (✿ ♥‿♥)

#anas (◡‿◡✿) #this is us (◕‿◕✿) #when plotting (ʘ‿ʘ✿)



next time you’re feeling like shit

remember the sloths

they don’t do anything ever

and they haven’t gone extinct

you can afford to take a nap


Is literally the most uplifting and comforting thing I’ve read all day

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I saw this and all I saw was little Emily. 


“Whinny, Corvo, whinny!”

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